Aklo is a remote, secret and reletively new language, despite researchers discoveries of it being older than any known language to date. Since it's discovery, it has been associated with cults and the mentally disturbed.

Scholors who study the language often end up crazed and obssessed with learning more about it. As such, it's research has been banned from most schools within Annora.

A saying follows the language, "Where Aklo is found, so are things worse than your grandest nightmares."

Learning AkloEdit

Aklo can not be learned by normal means, nor can it be learned by magical means. Those who speak it often suffered some form of special encounter with the text or a mysterious and tramatic event in the past, somehow emerging with a deep understanding of the language. Often, learning the language isn't the only 'gift' given to a person. The list of effects on a person is never consistant. Some claim to see the future in twisted ways while others gain strange and consuming power. Those exposed to the most mysterious or tramatic events fall into insanity, unable to write or speak anything coherent, all in Aklo.

Most who write or speak Aklo are often assumed to do so to hide information.


Ulessys created the language to speak with his primordials and his dark followers. It is the primary language in the Far Realm. The language itself is learned through other worldy means, often breaking the minds of those who do learn it.

During the Dawn War, the language spread to those who began worshipping the Primordials as gods. After Annora was sealed from the other planes, the language grew with the worship. Reaching the end of the fall, it was largely forgotten and fell into the hands of cults, keeping a fraction of the dark titan and his Primordials alive on the plane.

In recent history, the language has become more pertinant due to the Planar Weakening. Artifacts have made their way into the hands of common mortals on Annora. Raids on cults who had become dangerous and the mad have started unearthing tomes and notes written in the language. Often along with the sight of strange and bloody killings. The language was originally disregarded as secret codes only the cult knew until scholors began studying them. It would often end with murders, mental illness and cult-like magic being commited by the very souls tasked with decoding it. Since then, Aklo has been outlawed in civil states and kept out of the publics knowledge.