The Bronze Dragon Clan

Climate/Terrain: Temperate Hills, Hilly Plains, and Taigas

Common Races: Humans, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes

Alignment: Usually Lawful

Culture/Religion: The bronze dragon clan is, in essence, a mercenary group. While they have their own homes and battles, their teachings read that the aid of others in need is how to attain true happiness. Of course, they do not fight for others for free, and the price is never low. While on the job, members are always sure to gather information about the hosting country or city, how they prefer to fight, and, especially, stories of the country or city’s history to bring back home.

Bloodline Powers: +2 to Diplomacy, -2 to Bluff when dealing with bronze dragons, Fire Resistance 5, Speak with Animals 1/day

Examples of Tribe names:

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