The Brothers of Bane are an organization of Werewolves residing in the forest known as Blood Watch within Nazgrith. The group is led by Bane, an old massive werewolf with the ability to rally the feral beasts under his command, as well as allow them to transform between forms at will.


The Brothers of Bane was formed during the Siege of Whitewood, when the werewolf Bane seemed to appear from nowhere, rallying the remaining werewolves to his cause of holding the forest for their own. Had the soldiers of Featheros not came to the aid of the adopted residents of Whitewood, the werewolves would have achieved victory. In an attempt to keep the race alive, Bane fled into the Nazgrith forest with the remaining few. In the years since, Werewolves have all but disappeared from Whitewood. Ferals still roam it's woods, and small packs of the Brothers come to feast on travelers in the woods, biding time to take back their forest and weaken those who live there.

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