This page presents the special rules for character creation in the world of Annora.

The Planes

The planes (such as the Shadowfell or Feywild) have long since been unreachable from Annora, and vice versa. Planar travel is not possible in the current age. Locals have long since forgotten the names or existance of other planes.

Spells that involve the Planes still function, so long as it does not involve the character to travel to another plane. (Summoning planar creatures work fine for example, however planar gate would not.) Any creature summoned normally comes from somewhere else on Annora. They are still outsiders, however cannot be banished.


Magic evolved wildly varried in Annora. Due to this, any descriptors may be changed. (Fire into Lightning for example.) They however, cannot have any added effects or additional damage. They still effect things with weaknesses to the chosen descriptor as normal.

Information per Class:










The various classes can be found almost anywhere within the world, however they normally stick closer to their 'origins'. In most campaigns, this restriction will not be used, however in a limited adventure (such as an entire adventure being held in the Wildemore internment camps), some classes (such as Paladin, Ninja or Samurai) would have no world wise reason to be detained. Nor would locals be trained in any of these classes. This is not to damper any creativity and a well written backstory could overcome this rule, but the DM should take caution in any characters that fall into this field if the campaign calls for it.


Nearly every race can be found within Annora, however it is dominated mostly by Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs.

Annora is home to its own distinct races as well, found currently only within its plane.