The Copper Dragon Clan

Climate/Terrain: Warm Hills

Common Races: Humans, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, Orcs

Alignment: Usually Chaotic

Culture/Religion: Witty and snide, the copper dragon clan almost always has the last word. The delight in the telling and creation of riddles and jests, and often pull pranks on one another, though never to a fatal degree. Members often employ their talent for pranks in combat, however, favoring traps and snares to even odds. The clan participates in much sport, seeing physical prowess and appearance as a priority. This includes what they simply call, ‘The Hunt’, which is a bimonthly activity of prayer through hunting. Though the usual beasts are taken in The Hunt, venomous creatures such as giant scorpions, snakes and spiders of all sizes, and manticores are the prize takes, and the person who brings back the largest or most deadly one is awarded great honor.

Bloodline Powers: +2 to Diplomacy, -2 to Bluff when dealing with copper dragons, Acid Resistance 5, Spider Climb 1/day

Examples of Tribe names:

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