The mountain valley city of Dirthos is home to the Goldforge Dwarves and one of The Freeholds. Positioned in the northern section of Alatheia, Dirthos is one of the largest kingdoms in the country.


The Goldforge Dwarves constructed Dirthos as a front line of defense when other races entered their lands. It has since grown to cover nearly 1/4 of Alatheia.


Dirthos stretches miles both above and below ground. 

Above ground, Dirthos circles around a mountainous valley and cliffs overlooking the sea to the south-east. The valleys conceal hidden homes and orchards under Cherry Blossom trees. It is the only place other than Whitewood known to have the trees, and is compared as a distant cousin to the forest in terms of farm land.

Underground lie mines, cities and training temples.