The 'Holy Land' of Featheross is known as the home to the Advent Conduct, however it stands as home to many more than just its angel complimented army.

The Advent Conduct has protected the surrounding areas (and more so the world as a whole) from the Deadlands. It was created to guard against The Deadlands following the Dark Sun Rebellion. The Advent Conduct created a hold for the sole purpose of defending against The Deadlands, and members have sworn themselves to this duty with the assistance of angels.


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The Fall

After the loss of their god and the beginning of the Fall, the world was swarming with alien monsters and terrible threats. The Sun's Empire found themselves (or so they believed) as the only remaining kingdom in the world and began leading forces against the darkness. Fighting back the constant spreading desease of the Deadlands was rough on the Empire and the struggle seemed impossible. The Empire began it's corruption, forcing extreme taxes upon it's people for the war. Hunger and poverty began in the common people as the military were permitted to do anything they wanted to, while their holy power began fading. When the spread of the Deadlands ended, those in the lands that would become Temethil sought seperation from the overbearing Empire. In response, the Archmage of the Empire had the lands purged of those who stood against them, forcing the belief that the Empire had evil creatures in the disguise of men among them. Those who would question or act against the Empire did so to destroy it. The Angels resided as the only race that still possessed full holy power and advised against the Empires actions.

The Dark Sun Rebellion

Having had enough of the corrupt Empire that ruled them, the common people rose up at last and forced their way into the throne room of the Empire and had taken it for themselves with the help of the angels who knew what must be done. Temethil seperated at last under the permission of the new Emporer. The Empire's land was renamed Featheross, and the Advent Conduct was formed to guard against the Deadlands. Holy power returned in full force to the people of the land. The Sun's Empire was gone, but it's true ideals lived on.


Featheros is home to rolling plains and holy cities, with farms and small towns dotting the landscape in between.



The belief of gods is prominent in Fetheros due to it's very creation, however the country follows the Sun God nearly exclusively.