The Gold Dragon Clan

Climate/Terrain: Warm Plains, Warm Mountains

Common Races: Humans, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes

Alignment: Always Lawful

Culture/Religion: Selfless deeds of any degree are rewarded within the gold dragon clan. It is common practice for a member to throw himself in front of an attack to defend another clan member, and often enough, an outsider. The gold dragon clan is riddled with rigid laws, and the clan prospers because of it. Unlike most dragon clans, the gold dragon clan always attempts to parley and send diplomats to their enemies before war is declared. Members delight in knowledge, whether from tomes or people, and most trade to and from the clan contains such.

Bloodline Powers: +2 to Diplomacy, -2 to Bluff when dealing with gold dragons, Fire Resistance 5, Bless 1/day

Examples of Tribe names:

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