Grasspan was the only true Halfling nation on Annora until the Gorethread Raids destroyed it. It is now part of the Dim Reach.


Grasspan was rumored to be the birthplace of the halfling race.

Once the humans rebeled and gained control of the northern land of Osijan, they ventured south, finding the still tribal but friendly races of halflings. At the time, the humans believed the halflings were the offspring of run away slaves who were tortured into a disorter, making the children small.


Grasspan was once a land of rolling plains and grassy hills, where it earned it's name among the halflings. Looming below the lands of Osijan and Fiorian, it was believed this land was uninhabited by the Yuan-ti and for reasons unknown, was never explored. The human slaves of the Yuan-ti would flee to Grasspan in hopes of safety from the race, however few made it out of Osijan.