Kilbatil is a frozen mountainous waste country. Harsh and unforgiving, the country borders the tundra of Wildemore to the north.


Kilbatil is home to savage bears and trolls on it's borders, but rumors have it of dark horrors within it's deep mountains, from white dragons to twisted abominations.

The most well known of the snow coated countries locals are the Dwarves of Kilbatil. Despite the common knowledge of the Dwarves living deep within its mountains, it is extremely rare to find an individual that knows their location or how to reach them.

Until recently, signs of the rumored white dragon clan, Nomenes Ghoros Csarivchizzik or Those Before Csarivchizzik, were believed to have lived in the mountains of it's border with Wildemore.


Few have explored the vast waste of Kilbatil due to its natural conditions or more, making maps frantic and unreliable.