The wild mixture of jungles, forests and mountains of Nazgrith is believed to be the sister of The Dead Lands. Laying on the borders of Fetheros and Temethil to the north, Nazgrim is home to wild wood dwelling creatures, ancient druids and the mountainous barbarians of the Fireleaves Clans. Seen as the lost home of the Eladrin, it is often the site of bloody reclaimation for the people.

Nazgrith has two capitols, one of each of it's adopted races: Meriele, capitol of the Eladrin and Ja'tulith, capitol of the Elves.


Nazgrith's features are extremely familiar to those of the Feywild. Anything of the plane can be found within the area. It holds mostly jungle and forest, however it is dotted with some areas more closely related to swamps.


Nazgrith's population is mostly Eladrin and Elves, however many other races come to the area to learn druid and ranger arts from them. Some end up joining the Eldarin reclaimation, others come to seek honor and game from its odd collection of woodland creatures.


The Eladrin view Nazgrith as ancient birth place, finding ancient Eladrin temples and writings within the area. This is the cause of what they call the 'Reclaimation', where the race seeks to remove the creatures that threaten them and tame the area as their ancestors did. However things have not been going as planned. Throughout the years the Eladrin have gained a stable foothold in Nazgrith, but the area and its inhabitants are firmly pushing back, as well as the adopted Fireleaves Clans who enjoy the primal nature of the area.


The Eladrin within Nazgrith are believed to have formed the jungle style of druidism used in their efforts of reclaimation, as well as specialized styles of ranger.