Osaru stands as a highly spiritual small nation comprised of 12 feudal clans ruling over 11 provinces. The art of the Samurai is seen as nearly religious within the country as many locals practice daily. The country nearly entirly follows the religion of Shin. With no formal military or laws, many scores are settled by sword duels.


Osaru was once used for various safe camps during the slave liberations from the Yaun-ti during The Fall. Each of these camps became the provinces for the modern day clans, under going many name changes throughout the years. Historians in the land believe it was here that the Samurai arts began.

Seperation from the Zu EmpireEdit

The country was the site of the richest clans within the Empire. During the Age of Famine, the Empire collapsed, and the clans offered work for the poor. Most saw them as charitable acts to help restablish a new reformed government, which wasn't wrong for most of them. Other clans saw it as a way to protect their wealth and gain power.

Spirits of OsaruEdit

Osaru is one of 4 countries within the Zhari region: the land with the strongest connection to the spirit world. After the war with the Yuan-ti, the people of the Zu Empire lost connection with the spirit world, believing the spirits had abandon them. The people of Osaru