It's unknown how the Primal Spirits came to be, whether ancient creatures twisted by the Primordials or new beings they created for their unique purpose. The Spirits were inflicted with a painful curse that caused chaos in the world wherever they walked. Unfortunatly, the only way to quench the pain was to keep moving.

The curse was eventually lifted when the dwarves sacrificed their stone bodies to free them.

The Primal Spirits survived with help from the elves in healing the wounded world and ending The Fall.

During the Spirit War, the Primal Spirits stayed largely neutral, however once the citizens of Osijan sought to harness their power the Primal Spirits dwindled as some became evil Kami. Unable and unwilling to help the people anymore, they retreated into the spirit world, leading to the Age of Famine.

Returning to the world 200 years later, the spirits healed the land of the scars the war had left on it. Relations between spirits and mortals has been rough, and this is no exception for the Primal Spirits. They have since hidden themselves around the world.

Known Primal Spirits and home planes:

Omni (Feywild)