Temethil is a grassland containing a collection of 6 major kingdoms.


The kingdoms of Temethil were once part of Featheros, before the Dead Lands Accension began. After the angels of The Advent Conduct saved those who remained, not all wished to stay. Kingdoms were formed in south-east Featheros under their own protection. Soon after, they claimed independence as the country of Temethil.

Temethil is a country wrecked by civil conflict, however its kingdoms stand more glorious than the last. After the kingdoms gained their independence from Featheros, it quickly became obvious that unlike Alatheia, they were unable to sustain themselves without common law or court. Each was and still is necessary for each other to thrive, which led to petty war and betrayal in the country.

After years of conflict, a king finally arrived. The Unified King as he became known created a magical pact between the kingdoms, preventing open conflict and above all, unity to protect Temethil. This has by no means created unity between the kingdoms as the Unified King may suggest, the kingdoms are still as bitter and against each other as ever. The pact merely made them docile.

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