The twisted and terrifying Deadlands is home to the Undead, Vampires, Horrors, and everything in between. Believed to be the tainted scar the Shadowfell left on the world in the past, it is now home to the creatures unable to return to their dark home plane, and those who commune with them.

Among the horrible creatures of the Deadlands are those who seek darker powers or the ability to practice their evil arts in solitude (if they are able to survive the lands), such as stitchers, cultists, mad alchemists, werewolves, vampires and necromancers. Heroes often travel within the Deadlands to learn of its secrets or conquer the dark energies that pulse so strong within, such as Black Guards and Warlocks.

Creatures rarely leave the Deadlands through the south due to The Advent Conduct and the amazing golden wall of it's neighboring country, Featheros, who are sworn to keep the evils at bay after silencing the spreading corruption of the lands.

The Deadlands are associated as the home of all evil and corrupted in the world, regardless of if such things are true.


Despite being a harsh and evil wasteland, The Deadlands still requires a steady economy for those sentient creatures who call it home to survive. Slavers make large profits here bringing slaves to sell to alchemists and vampires for example, while others act as guides for those who find themselves in the unfortunate need to travel in the lands. Finally, the waste plays host to the largest bizzares of the illustrious Black Market.

Some travelers claim to have seen monsterous husks pulling vats of blood throughout the lands. Many theories about the claims have spread.


Various organizations make The Deadlands their home or have a lasting presence.

Brothers of Blades

Brothers of Bane