More commonly known as the Vampire Queen, Verona is a human cleric and believed to be the fabled lord of The Deadlands and one of the 6 Prophets. Few have ever laid their eyes on Verona and fewer still have lived to tell the tale.

The 6 ProphetsEdit

Verona was found to be the first of the Prophets and responsible for their formation. She guided Vrash to the Tower of Krassthm after his return to Annora, where he learned of the location of the Chained God and was further tainted by Ulessys.

Verona also told Vrash of the Planar Weakening and the day it would be weakest. From this, Vrash sought out powerful individuals whom he could fool into collapsing the sphere in on Annora, where he would absorb it's power using the Chained God and return to his adopted home outside of the sphere. These individuals became known as the 6 Prophets.


Verona and her older sister, Miranda, were the daughters of a wealthy lord in a long forgotten kingdom before The Fall. Each of them had always had a lust for magic and more so to learn more than the other.

They both became respectable figureheads after the death of their father during the Dawn War due to the knowledge in magic they had acculated. After the birth of the Wardens, the girls became close with Vrash. He gifted the girls the power of immortality, something the other Wardens frowned upon, believing it defied their purpose.

When the Wardens sealed Annora, Miranda rushed to find Vrash and convince him not to join the others, believing that he would perish during the spell. At this time, both were plane shifted away, and Verona was led to believe she had lost them both. Miranda had been forcefully sent to the Shadowfell, while Vrash had disappeared to a plane no god or mortal had ever seen.

During The Fall, Verona sought a way to bring her family back to her. She found only the worst as she fell into madness, destroying what remained of her home and people in attempts at blood magic. She learned necromancy, bringing her people back to life as mindless figures to serve her. Forced to survive in the harsh new world, she grew into an immesely powerful sorcerer and she was led by tomes of dark magic to the far north. She believed she would find the magic of the demons there and make a pact for the ability to revive the lost. However, she found no demons, only the savage Orcs huddled in snow. Verona saw an oppertunity to use the Orcs. She taught the Orcs of the power of demons and told them how to obtain it.

She traveled further into the snow covered region, finally reaching a temple. Inside she found countless monstrosities she dispatched with ease. Her mind was broken, they could do no more. Finally, miles below the earth she found him. An ancient Primordial slept, caged by the gods. She found no comfort in the sight of this monsterous being, but would not leave empty handed. Helpless, Verona had never felt her quest was as hopeless as it felt right now. She emgered from the temple as the first vampire.